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The 3 Keys to Living  a Transformed Life of 
Health, Wealth & Happiness!
Learn how you can...create REAL wealth and VIBRANT health through JOYFUL PARTICIPATION, no matter what challenges you face!
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KEY #1

The first step in living a transformed life is to awaken from the slumber of conventional wisdom...
KEY #2

The second step in living a transformed life is to lean in to what is really causing your suffering...
KEY #3

The third step in living a transformed life is to choose to allow pure love and freedom to pour through you...
There’s a reason you’re here.
You know deep down that a profoundly awakened life of health, wealth and happiness is possible.
Maybe you’ve seen it in others, read about it in books or you've experienced glimpses of enlightenment in your own life. You have a sense of what is truly possible for human life—your life—to manifest the extraordinary.

However, like many who've ventured down this path, you more than likely have experienced the challenges to truly living an enlightened life on a consistent basis.

Does this sound familiar to you? 
  • You experience moments of clarity and inspiration, but you can't seem to bring that vitality and passion into every moment of your life...
  • Perhaps you realize that reaching your potential may be the most important work you can do, yet you often put everything else ahead of your own growth...evolution...
  • You want to express love, kindness and joy in all your relationships, but, more often than you'd like, you react out of highly emotional past patterns, sabotaging yourself...
  • ​You can access your "best self" when things are going well, but, when life throws you the proverbial "curve-ball," you revert back to the same destructive habits...and it bothers you because "you know better."
The truth is that, even those of us who have experienced our "best self"... from time to time get caught up in unconscious patterns. 

We still often react automatically in the face of life’s challenges...

We still struggle with worry, fear, doubt and insecurity...

Consequently, our day-to-day experience of life rarely lives up to the potential we’ve touched in our greatest moments.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if the clarity and inspiration...freedom you’ve touched in your most profound experiences could become the context for every moment of your life—especially when life gets challenging?

Not only is this possible, but it is a reality!

For the past 30 plus years, John Hanley, Jr. has been a leading figure at the forefront of the inquiry into "What does it mean to BE transformed and how can we live an inspired and inspirational can we manifest health, wealth and happiness...THE EXTRAORDINARY?"

Through his training and coaching practices, he has helped over 30,000 people on four continents to break free of their past programming and launch into a future that they never thought possible.

The real reason most struggle to live our potential is that we are working on ourselves, but have never become conscious of the Survival Context in which we are immersed...

And, as long as we keep making changes, while still stuck in this Survival Context, all the work and effort won’t really make any difference...

If it does it is at best short-lived! We'll inevitably revert back to the path of least resistance...the past.

The great news is that you can create a foundational shift in your context and begin creating a life from a completely NEW way of being...

To make the leap from living in the Survival Context to a context of FULL PARTICIPATION.

The change that changes everything, according to John, lies in piercing through the illusion of who you really are, in order to allow your Transformed Self to emerge. 

The "you" your ego thinks you are is an illusion that keeps you stuck in an endless loop of moving from anxiety/fear to some improvement strategy and back again into anxiety/fear and onto a new and improved improvement strategy. 

And so on and so on.

Who you truly are, your Transformed Self, is not some "thing" or "subject" or "character" in the play of life.

While the ego-self craves only protection and perpetuation, your Transformed Self is lacking nothing at all. With nothing missing, you are whole and complete. 

When you let go of the illusions and tap into your true nature, you open the door to true freedom and love. 

You achieve freedom from the past, from the tyranny of your reactive mind, and from the fear of failure. You step into a pure love for yourself, humanity, nature, the cosmos...for all of it.

Aligning with who you truly are doesn't leave you paralyzed in the emptiness and meaninglessness of life.

Embracing your true being is actually the first essential step toward living an authentically meaningful life, where the source of meaning comes from deep within you, rather than through following the dictates of traditional, conventional "wisdom." 

Your Transformed Self wants to play the game of life with a passionate "YES!" Just like you were when you were born and when you were a little kid, you are meant to FULLY participate in the adventure of being alive. 

You CAN align with your Transformed Self. You just have to choose it. Allow it. Embrace it.

Learn to let go of the petty concerns of the ego-self and awaken your natural impulse to live life to the fullest.
The creative energy that gave birth to the cosmos and that has been the driving force of evolution for the last 14 billion years is not separate from us.

In fact, it is pulsing through us in every fibre of our being. And, if we can learn how to align with it, we will discover the keys to a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Why does this Transformed Self hold the keys to transformation?

Because the Transformed Self is not beholden to the constrictions of fear-based living. It is thrusting forth into the future with passion and power and curiosity and wonder. 

We all know this part of ourselves...

But it gets submerged into the background of life's drama and we are unable to call on it in times of crisis.

For most of us, this Transformed Self only makes brief, unexpected appearances before receding once more beyond our grasp.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this. It is possible to systematically learn to align with your true nature.
It's a matter of choice, guidance, and practice.

It all starts with choice. You've got to want, rather than fear...passion, rather than, rather than self-righteousness. 

Once you authentically choose to align with your Transformed Self, you need guidance to dismantle the ego-self illusion.

Once you've awakened your Transformed Self, you must diligently practice integrating it into every domain of your life. 

This is not a pipe dream. This is proven technology. 

It's possible to awaken and align with your Transformed Self to such a degree that coming from and radiating joy, love, and abundance becomes your natural state of being...every single day.

Now, that is a change that changes everything. Forever.

If you’re ready to leave behind the fears and limitations of the ego and step into the spiritual life you’ve long known was waiting for you, you’re invited to join us for an in-depth journey into this extraordinary transformational possibility.

In The 3 Keys to Living a Transformed Life of Health, Wealth & Happiness, John shares the step-by-step process he's developed to guide any willing explorer to awaken the extraordinary power of their Transformed Self.

In this online seminar, you’ll learn:
  • Exactly what illusions you need to see through in order to transform the quality of you life.
  • How to activate your inner strength and power to such a degree that you become unstoppable.
  • How to let go of the attachments that keep you rooted in the past so that you are unconditionally free to be who you were born to be.
Join us for this groundbreaking seminar with one of today’s most sought-after transformational leaders.

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About Your Presenter 
John Hanley, Jr.
John Hanley, Jr. is an accomplished executive coach, corporate consultant and training professional. 

He is a Certified Group Facilitator through the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and Certified Training Professional through CompTia, an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge and skills required of a technical training professional.
He has led dynamic multi-day seminars on leadership, communication, teamwork, and sales for over 30,000 participants. He has experience working with groups within the US, Latin America, Europe, Russia, and China. 
Past corporate clients include Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Anthem Insurance, Accenture, and Ernst & Young. Individual executive coaching clients include university presidents, corporate vice-presidents, artists, novelists, and small-business owners.

John has trained and mentored over 250 training instructors from novice to expert ability. He is the author of Full-Tilt Boogie: Essential Coaching For Living Full Blast and In Love With It All: How To Create a Meaningful Life

He wrote and directed the educational film, Finding My Way, and invented numerous original training modules currently in use around the world. 

John graduated from the University of Southern California and earned a Master’s of Arts degree in philosophy from New York University.

Praise for John Hanley, Jr. and his work!

...and still more!

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